Land Development Code

The Land Development Code (LDC) is a regulatory document that has been created to implement the goals, objectives, and policies set forth in Louisville Metro's comprehensive plan - Plan 2040. The LDC provides requirements related to zoning, form districts, land use, building & site design, transportation, landscaping and signage. 

Some cities in Jefferson County have their own zoning authority, meaning they can choose which regulations to adopt into their local LDC. Louisville Metro/Jefferson County has 12 such cities. The LDC in effect for each jurisdiction can be found below with any revisions or amendments that have been made and that are in effect in that specific jurisdiction. 

Louisville Metro LDC
  • Click here for the Louisville Metro LDC
    • Chapter 1: General Provisions
    • Chapter 2: Zoning Districts
    • Chapter 3: Special Districts
    • Chapter 4: Generally Applicable Development Standards
    • Chapter 5: Form Districts
    • Chapter 6: Mobility Standards
    • Chapter 7: Subdivision Regulations
    • Chapter 8: Sign Regulations
    • Chapter 9: Parking and Loading
    • Chapter 10: Tree Canopy, Landscaping and Open Space
    • Chapter 11: Development Review Procedures


Zoning Maps and Other LDC Info


Planned Development Districts


LDC Interpretations

An interpretation may be made by the Director of PDS if language within the LDC is ambiguous, unclear, or contradictory, as well as in some situations in which a specific use or provision is absent. Please click here to review interpretations that clarify several frequently asked questions. 


Review of the Land Development Code

Louisville Metro Government announed on July 13, 2020 that it will undertake a complete review of the Land Development Code, a comprehensive set of rules for property development and processes, to identify and address land use regulations and policies that have inequitable impacts on Louisville residents. In advance of that review, Planning and Design Services staff worked with Opticos Design on a Land Development Code Diagnosis with a focus on housing. Read the Land Development Code Diagnosis here.


LDC's for Cities with Zoning Authority

Version of Land Development Code and Amendments Adopted
Land Development Code
Land Development Code--May 2017


Previous Versions of the LDC

The regulations within the LDC are subject to amendment. If you need a previous version of a regulation, such as to ascertain noncomforming rights, please contact PDS at (502)574-6230.