Single Audit

The Single Audit (also known as the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) A-133 audit) is a rigorous, organization-wide audit of governments and agencies such as Louisville Metro Government that receive and spend more than $500,000 of federal funds. The Single Audit’s objective is to ensure that these funds are managed and spent properly.

To see previous Single Audits, click on the links below.  All files are in PDF format:

2019 Single Audit (144 KB)

2018 Single Audit (207 KB)

2017 Single Audit (218 KB)

2016 Single Audit (219 KB)

2015 Single Audit (128 KB)

2014 Single Audit (161 KB)

2013 Single Audit (1.0 MB)

2012 Single Audit (122 KB)

2011 Single Audit (172 KB)

2010 Single Audit (713 KB)

2009 Single Audit (1.0 MB)

2008 Single Audit (1.9 MB)

2007 Single Audit (3.2 MB)

2006 Single Audit (3.3 MB)

2005 Single Audit (318 KB)

2004 Single Audit (374 KB)


Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Each year the city prepares a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). This report includes the audited financial statements for Louisville Metro Government and its departments and agencies for the fiscal year ending June 30th.

To see the current CAFR and reports from previous years, click here.


Program Audits

Each year, the Office of Internal Audit conducts program audits of all city government departments and agencies.

To visit the Internal Audit web page, click here.