Louisville Metro Government supports local businesses by providing opportunities to contract for many of its goods and services.   The Division of Purchasing staff, in partnership with each Louisville Metro Government Department, is responsible for the management of over 1,100 contracts that assist in the programmatic and operational functions of the city.  


Solicitation Opportunities

Vendor Registration


If you are a business owner that would like to be added to a database used by Louisville Metro Government purchasers when looking for goods and services, please register through Louisville Metro Government’s Procurement Portal.  When registering, businesses are strongly encouraged to select their NIGP commodity /service codes in order to receive email notifications from the city of opportunities that match their services.  


Louisville Procurement Portal


Louisville Metro Government uses a procurement portal powered by Bonfire Interactive for accepting and evaluating proposals.  Please contact Bonfire at [email protected] for technical questions related to your registration or submissions. You can also visit their help forum at bonfirehub.zendesk.com/hc .


Construction Related Bids


Louisville Metro Government also offers an electronic planroom.  All construction, or construction-related bids, along with the associated plans and specifications, may be viewed, and purchased for a minimal fee.



Louisville Metro Government’s default terms for competitively-bid contracts are for one year with a maximum of four (4) one-year renewals for a total of five (5) years. Highlighted contracts on this list will reach their five year expiration.  

Competitively Bid Contracts


Non-competitive contracts for professional services and sole sources exceeding $30,000 are approved by Louisville Metro Council.  

Non-Competitive Contracts


Request for Proposal (RFP) -  A competitive negotiation procurement method for obtaining goods, services, and construction in which discussion and negotiations may be conducted with responsible proposers who submit responsive proposals. The process concludes with the award of a contract to the proposer whose offer is in the best interest Louisville Metro Government.

Invitation for Bid (IFB) – A competitive sealed bidding method where the award is made on the basis of the lowest bid price or the lowest evaluated bid price.

Invitation to Quote (ITQ) – An informal solicitation of quotes for goods and/or services that do not exceed the city’s small purchase threshold of $30,000.


Vendor Forms

Internal Revenue Service Form W-9

Completed form is required by Louisville Metro Government to be established as a vendor.  

Qualified Bidder Affidavit

Required form for vendors claiming “qualified bidder” status as defined by KRS 45A.465(3).

Resident Bidder Affidavit

 Required form for vendors claiming reciprocal preference for Kentucky resident bidders as authorized by  KRS 45A.494.



Louisville Metro Government Purchasing Policy

Louisville Metro Government Solicitation and Contract Protest Policy

Vendor Suspension and Debarment Policy


Buy Surplus Items
You can buy unclaimed or surplus items from Louisville Metro Government. A variety of items are offered for sale on our on-line auction site, available for viewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Click here to see items online and to bid.  To learn about vehicle auctions, click here.

Ban the Box
Louisville Metro Ordinance 046-2014 requires vendors doing business with Louisville Metro to not contain a ‘box’ or question of inquiry on the initial application regarding an applicant’s prior criminal history and applicants shall not be required to check to otherwise fill in a ‘box’ or respond to an inquiry regarding an applicant’s prior criminal history on the Vendor’s initial employment application, unless otherwise provided by or required by State or Federal law.



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