Private Sewage Systems

The following Environmental Fees set by the Louisville Metro Board of Health for the installation and maintenance of on-site sewage systems will be effective: October 1, 2000.         

Fees Local State Total
Onsite evaluation     $375   $375
Construction Permit $375 $30 $405
Alteration Permit $250 $30 $280
Repair Permit $125 $30 $155
Design Review* $50   $50
Reinspection *     $25   $25

*When Applicable 


Site Evaluation-A site evaluation is required for all new septic systems. It is conducted by an inspector to determine the quality of the soil and the requirements of a system.  The property owner will need to arrange for a backhoe operator to be present at the time of the inspection.

Construction Permit-A permit taken out by a certified installer to install in a septic system after they have submitted plans or drawings of the system to be installed to the Division of Environmental Health and Protection. Also includes periodic inspections during installation before it is covered.

Alteration Permit-An alteration permit is required when a significant change must be made to an existing system due to malfunction, damage or expanded use of the property.

Repair Permit-to repair an existing system with like components.

Design Review-For complex systems that require additional engineering review of plans and designs.

Reinspection-Assurance of proper installation should be completed in 4 visits. 
Additional visits will require a reinspection fee. 

Onsite Regulation Click here for Kentucky requirements for onsite sewage systems.

Kentucky Homeowner's Manual for Onsite Sewage Disposal System Click here for the manual.

Questions about installation or maintenance of
on-site sewage systems should call 574-6655. 

Complaints regarding existing systems should call 574-6650.